Wrapping Up Marisol

Weather Report – cloudy, cold, rain. Enough said. I long for the warmth of the Arizona Desert. But then, I’d come face to face with Marisol’s minions from lightyears away as they search for Kinsley and Tony. I’m not about to take that risk. I just finished proofing the manuscript. A few minor changes and Marisol will be born – from my imagination to the written page in paperback and e-book. That means you can still preorder the book before its publication next week.

I’ll be glad to finally put Marisol behind me. I started the story in November of 2019 – 14 months ago. The plan was to have it out by September of 2020. Such are plans. I have never come across so many distractions and interruptions. As a pastor, the church keeps me busy and that’s my first priority, but anyway, that’s all behind me (I think). One last read and it should be good to go. In the meantime, my new project, Black, has been put on hold until The Marisol Deception is completed.

I don’t like distractions. I don’t like interruptions. But they do happen. Let’s talk about it a little bit. Do you have ongoing distractions or just one time big hits? Can you control your interruptions or are they beyond your control? When they come, how do you handle them? What do you do? Help me here. Let your words of wisdom fall in the comments below. We can all learn from each other. Until next week –


2 thoughts on “Wrapping Up Marisol

  1. We have two sons who are carpenters. They are remodeling our kitchen and bathroom for the next month. Talk about a distraction!!! I knew it was coming, I resigned myself to the fact I wouldn’t get much done while they are here, and that’s just the way it is.

    Other than that, our dogs are my biggest distraction, but if I give them their planned walks twice a day, they leave me alone to write the rest of the time. I just had to schedule in their walks.

    Congrats on the new book! I hope sales go through the proverbial roof.

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