Everyday Life – What’s Your Story?

Well, so much for the fall-like weather. The scheduled real-feel for the day is 100 degrees. There is always something for everyone in Pennsylvania.

For sure, some of you are older than I. But also for sure, I’m older than many. I can honestly say as I enter the winter year of my life that life’s been good. There have been times there was extra money in the bank, and times I didn’t have two nickels to rub together. There have been periods of near-perfect health and many nights spent in the hospital. I’ve experienced love and I’ve faced rejection. There have been moments of success and moments of dire failure. My emotions have run the gamut from exuberant joy to extreme pain. I feel complete.

So, what about you? What’s your life’s story? What have you learned from everyday life? Tell us about that one defining moment that changed your life forever – that point of no return.

That’s the beauty of the written word. You can literally share a part of you with those who are in need. Write about the hurt, the loss, the victory, the overcoming. There is someone that needs to hear from you. You can help a floundering soul gain strength from your experiences. Share your rejection, your determination, your courage.

Someone needs you, so don’t hold back. Maybe it’s time to write your memoir or maybe you’d rather put your story into fiction form. That’s what I did in my book, Jacob’s Ladder, but either way, get it out there.

Transparency is what it’s about, and transparency can make some very good reading. Your life’s experiences may be someone else’s answer. Go for it! Until next week . . .


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