I Have No Idea

First things first – I apologize for not posting the last two weeks. Things at the church are terribly busy this time of year and will continue to be until after the holidays.

Second things second – weather report: typical Central Pennsylvania weather for late fall. Cold and damp.

Now – on to the good stuff, whatever that may be. Seriously, as I sit here at the keyboard, I have no idea what to write about. This is an exercise in complete pantzing, if you know what I mean. Let’s see where it leads.

Writing is giving imagination life. In fiction writing, w can imagine our own world, our own friends, our own agony, our own triumphs. It’s as easy as asking “what if?” I am sure that much fiction is based on actual life – the life of the author. I’m not talking memoir. I’m talking fiction. There is a little bit of us in every story. Even though we might mask the details, we know what’s behind the scene – a slice of real life.

Think about the theme, the character arc, the setting, certain scenes. We know you’re hiding somewhere in there. I wonder if you are the protagonist or the antagonist. Or maybe a character not in the spotlight. Maybe the story is set in your hometown, or maybe one of your characters actually represents a friend (or enemy) you had growing up. Maybe it’s a hate letter to your present employer that you’re not ready to deliver yet. We don’t know for sure, but we know you’re in there. So write away.

Another week is history. Where has the time gone? I have no idea. See you next time!


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