Featured Excerpt

This week I’m feautring an excerpt from Cadeyrn’s Tale. the book isn’t completed yet, but hopefully, this will give you a taste.

The mist of the morning left his heavy footprints in the dampened ground. We followed on. Perhaps it was the Druid power. Perhaps it was our own carelessness. Perhaps it was his cunning. But after a few hours of time, we realized we were being led in circles. We had crossed this path before. Our many footprints erased the steps of Aedan. Yes, we had been tricked – somehow. But we would be denied. We would find and eliminate the enemy at all cost.

We stopped for a moment to reassess our position. In the quiet of the moment, we felt a tremor beneath our feet. The earth was quaking gently, not violently as at other times. Then it stopped. A wind began to blow through the trees and seemingly refreshed us. But then we noticed below us flames of fire. We stared in horror. The flames were moving upward toward us. We were trapped for the only place to go was up. We could not retreat.

We continued up the hill in the deep wood hoping that somehow Lugh would extinguish the fire. The gods of earth, wind, and fire were against us. The earth gave her warning. The wind, we mistakenly took as a blessing, all the while stirring the flames of fire to more activity. Aedan was nowhere in sight.

We prayed to Lugh as the glaring brightness of his sun beamed down upon us. Our desire was that if we must die in this traveling inferno, that Aedan would also meet the same fate.

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