Featured Excerpt

This week, I’ve turned to my, The Marisol Deception. The project is moving slowly, but here’s an excerpt. You can catch the complete installment at https://hubpages.com/literature/The-Marisol-Deception-Part-8

The opened New Testament on the coffee table drew Kinsley’s attention. She looked at her mother. “Come here, Mom. I want to show you something. I was going through Dad’s belongings and I found this.” She handed the Bible to Claire. “Dad knew something we don’t. He knew about Marisol. Look at the note he left – MARISOL IS HERE – REVELATION 13. Revelation 13 is a reference to the antichrist. I don’t know if Marisol is the antichrist or not. It would seem the antichrist is a man. But you have to agree, Mom, this goes much deeper. You need to stay away from her. It’s not safe. She’s not safe!

“By the way, how did you ever get to meet Marisol or the president. This whole thing seems a little fishy to me.”

“Oh, Jeff is good friends with her. He introduced me. Kins, I know you won’t like this, but I think I’m in love.”

“You’re right. I don’t like it. Mom, what is it with this guy? You barely know him. You go on a cross-country trip, and you come back as a presidential aide of some sort. Not to mention, he could be linked to some kind of international criminal activity. At the very least, or maybe I should say, at the most, he murdered your husband and my father.”

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