Featured Excerpt

This week’s excerpt is from Eric Dierker’s article, Eric’s Sunday Sermon; “Blessed are Those That…. You can read the entire piece at hubpages.com.

I wonder if I have a realistic notion of Blessed. Blessed to me means a wonderful thing. But yet in times of trouble I count that as being blessed also. How can a probably fatal illness be blessed? That seems so crazy yet in my life that blessed has come to pass.

I was “suffering” from some really nasty headaches. Debilitating ones. My doc. said he just had to have a look inside. A CT Scan was ordered. Through that they ruled out certain possible causes to my relief. But a strange thing happened. The technicians did an oops with the scan. They went too low. So they got from my gut to my head. Low and behold they saw tumors. Accidentally we got it so early that it did not progress and they could tell by my spine that the headaches were caused by a pull from muscles in the mid back. The technical concepts are interesting but boring.

So I was most assuredly blessed to have the headaches. I was blessed by a mistake.

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